2017 AGM and Annual Report

When CST’s AGM rolls around, we usually take it an opportunity to reflect on what CST has achieved in the last 12 months.

CST’s AGM on Friday, 27 October elected the Board of Management for 217/2018 and the CEO and President reviewed the year that was 2016/2017.

CEO John Russell highlighted the year’s work, including two new alcohol and other drugs program targeted at youth. With the addition of the new Intensive Family Support service, CST is now able to expand its service delivery to the Etheridge and Croydon Shires.

Significantly, CST has managed to secure funding from the Government to plan for a new community center. Negotiations are also taking between TRC and CST for a lease for a block of land.

Recognition must also be given to CST’s dedicated volunteer staff as we would not be able to survive without their contribution to the governance, administration, service support, bus driving and personal support programs.

Operating surplus for 2017-2018 was $65, 478, an increase of $26,011 while revenue was over $3 million and expenditure was approximately $2.78 million.

Special thanks to Cr Katrina Spies who delivered a thoughtful presentation on Tablelands Regional Council’s vision and strategic direction for the region.

The elected Board members for 2017/2018 are Trevor Brady (President), Mark Boniface (Treasurer), Hillary Robertson (Secretary), Graham Wardle, Alan Hogg, Coral Abdy and Lorraine Muckan.

The Board is skilled and experienced and CST looks forward to another successful year with the Board at the helm.

CST would like to thank Tablelands Regional Council for the use of their meeting room.

Download 2017 AGM and Annual Report – click here

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