Better Together at Home is your dedicated partner in care.

Better Together is excited to announce that we are now able to provide free consultations as an Aged Care Supplier and a dedicated partner in aged care. We aim to provide a comprehensive suite of services designed and delivered by locals as Better Together at Home. This initiative is aimed at enhancing senior’s comfort and safeguarding their well-being and independence, all within the sanctuary of their own home.

Better Together Community Support has been delivering quality services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program across the Tableland region for many years. We are proud to be able to deliver a comprehensive range of services that empowers you to stay safe and happy at home by partnering with Wongaburra Home Care.

Navigating aged care services can be complex and overwhelming. Allow us to streamline this journey for you, ensuring clarity and ease every step of the way. Book your free consultation now. 

We're here to help with your Home Care package

Better Together at Home provides a comprehensive suite of services designed and delivered by locals. This initiative is aimed at enhancing your comfort and safe guarding your well-being and independence, all within the sanctuary of your own home.  Below are some of the care options we can provide in your home, plus much more. We will consult with you about the combination of care you require for your package. 

We invite you to partner with Better Together at Home to collaborate with us in tailoring your plan. With Better Together at Home, you remain “in the driver seat” of your care.

To find out if your eligible for a home care package, you can follow these steps:

  • Register with My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422 or registering online at
  • Undergo a comprehensive assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to determine eligibility and the level of care needed.
  • Wait till you receive your assessment result letter from My Aged Care. 
  • Choose a service provider that meets your needs; the government will subsidise the provider to arrange care services for you.
  • Call 1800 200 422
  • Or registering online at
  • My Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will contact you to assess your situation
  • My Aged Care will send you a letter with the assessment result
  • The letter will tell you your level of package you have 1-4
  • Choose a service provider to meet your needs

Not sure where you are within the My Aged Care process?

If you are unsure about where you are in the process please check the answers to your situation below:

Toggle the plus signs to see the answer to your situation below. 

To be eligible to receive funding for aged care support in your home you must be 65 years or older or 50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people and require assistance due to age-related causes.

The first step is to Apply for an aged care assessment online | My Aged Care,

Call  1800 200 422,

Or go to a Services Australia service centre:

Atherton Service Centre – 3 Cook Street- Atherton

Mareeba Service Centre – 228 Byrnes Street – Mareeba

If you or your family member or friend are unable to navigate My Aged Care because of vulnerability eg. vision or hearing difficulty, limited literacy or dementia that makes communication or decisions difficult, reluctant to engage with My Aged Care or Government services, isolated or in an unsafe situation if they don’t receive services; any situation that creates significant barriers to accessing services and without help would otherwise be unsafe, then they could qualify for a Care Finder.

Care finders walk alongside the person at their pace, to understand their individual situation and support them to work through the steps to address their needs. The care finder will:

  • Provide information about local aged care services
  • Help to set up an assessment with My Aged Care to access support, and
  • Find services that are targeted and available to help.


Care finders assist people with access to other supports in the community. They can provide connections both with accessing services for the first time and with changing or finding new services and supports if your needs change.

Better Together at Home has partnered with Footprints Community to deliver Care Finder services. To determine if you or the person is eligible please call 1800 366 877.

More info here:

Once you have registered with My Aged Care an assessment of your situation needs to be made. If you haven’t already applied for an assessment you can do so online here:  Apply for an aged care assessment online | My Aged Care

If you have completed the form, but are yet to have your assessment, contact 1800 200 422 or check My Aged Care Online Account if you have any concerns. Allow reasonable time for the assessment to be scheduled.

Contact 1800 200 422 or check your My Aged Care Online Account if any concerns, allow reasonable time.

Once you have been assigned a home care package we can meet with you for your free consultation, apply below:

We can provide services for elderly clients under government funded home care packages for levels 1 through to 4, as well as care for clients under private pay arrangements, for people requiring assistance in their home. If you or your family member have changing situation because of age, get peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one are receiving home care and assistance from a local trusted organisation, that wants to partner with you to ensure your quality of life continues.

Steps to get started with us

Once you get your letter from My Aged Care, after your assessment, you will know your package level and you can choose your provider. We would love to be one of your choices and we aim to make the process easy and customisable.

1. Contact Us

Our friendly team are there to make accessing our service easy

2. Choose your services

Work with our staff to build your support team and services, the way you want. 


3. Receive your services

Experience Better Together at Home’s quality client-centred care. 


You can call us, email us or complete the form below to have us contact you to organise a free consultation with one of our staff.

Yes please contact me for a free consultation

Remember choosing the right organisation to meet your needs is your decision. It’s all about finding a partner who will support you with respect, dignity and a commitment to your well-being. Take your time to read through the information above, understand the services that we offer and feel free to reach out when you’re ready to discuss how we can assist you in this journey. Your comfort and care are our top priorities and why we want to arrange a time to talk to you about what your needs are now and to the future. 

Who are we?

Better Together Community Support has supported the Atherton Tableland Community for almost 40 years. We are locals supporting locals. Our mission is to create quality, client-centred care that makes meeting your care needs easy. 

Give us a call and one of your friendly team will explain how you can take control of your care journey.

Find more about us below by reading our story

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