Benefits of Chair Yoga

The benefits of Chair Yoga are many. Here are the Top 11 reasons to participate and practice Chair Yoga:

  1. Cultivated better, deeper breathing
  2. Yogic Breath activates the parasympathetic gland, which promotes a relaxation response.
  3. Focusing on our breath takes us out of the mind, so allows the mind to take a rest.
  4. Working in alignment helps to realign/rebalance the body.
  5. Strengthens all muscles ( including internal, eg. Pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles through being reminded to engage them, while practicing Yogic or Ujjayi breath, whereby we activate energetic locks – lower abdominal and pelvic floor).
  6. Creates great body awareness
  7. Gives your body a challenge.
  8. Creates mindfulness ( we never push our bodies into pain so only the participant knows how far their body should stretch )
  9. In the session, participants learn other breathing techniques ( a balancing breath and a cooling breath style which also have great benefit)
  10. A few minutes of meditation at the end of the session, allows us to return to our national breath and experience a few minutes of peace.
  11. The session encourages participants to take yoga into life and practice what they learn and can remember. Like everything, the more time and effort we put into our practice, the more we benefit.

Better Together Community Support hosts Chair Yoga weekly on a Monday 10:30 am-12 pm at the Community Meeting Room, 16a Robert St, Atherton.

Event Information here




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