Mental Health Minute July Edition

The Mental Health Minute – Dealing with Depression During the winter months, when the weather is gloomy and the days are shorter, existing mental health conditions can worsen. While it’s normal to feel sad at times, chronic and persistent sadness for more than two weeks could be a sign of depression. Depression is characterised by […]

Mental Health Minute June Edition

The Mental Health Minute – Grief and Loss Grief is a natural reaction to loss. This can mean loss in the form of the death of a loved one, a divorce, loss of independence as we age or even loss of our sense of safety and predictability. Everyone responds to grief in their own way. […]

Mental Health Minute May Edition

Everybody gets stressed sometimes. The classic definition of stress is the response our bodies and minds have to the demands placed upon them and the interpretations we assign to those demands. Stress can be motivating to make us prioritise tasks to tackle the most important work first. The perceived stress activates adrenaline to make us […]

Mental Health Minute April Edition

Financial stress is a common experience in today’s world, with the rising cost of living, rising interest rates and unaffordable housing all causing pressure on our finances and stress levels. It is important to remember that financial hardship is not a sign of weakness or moral failure and feelings of shame and failure are understandable […]

Mental Health Minute March Edition

Parent separation can be a difficult time for children of any age, and the media is often filled with messages around the negative impact that separation has on a child’s wellbeing. However, the truth is that the factors predicting child wellbeing in separated families are the same as those in non-separated families. It is normal […]

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