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Children's Contact Centre

We provide a safe environment for contact arrangements between children and their parents experiencing separation in the Atherton Tablelands.

What is a children’s contact centre?

A child focused, safe space where children and parents experiencing separation can connect to establish or maintain relationships.

Parents or other family members can be involved in visitation with children at our centre.

Changeover of care for children between parents can be arranged on a regular basis.

Families who are engaged with the Family Law Court or have parenting agreements in place can also benefit from accessing our centre.

Our services

  • Supervised visits for children with non-residential parents, both on and off-site.
  • Supervised changeovers between parents sharing care of children.
  • Family Law Court reports.
  • Referrals for clients to appropriate support services.
  • Warm and professional staff focused on the child’s wellbeing and safety.
Our facilities
  • Welcoming and private age-appropriate rooms.
  • Secure facilities and play areas.
  • Art and craft activities for children.
  • Outdoor area with vegetable gardens.
  • Flexible scheduling of appointments available.
Access to services
To access the Better Together Children’s Contact Centre parents and caregivers can be referred by the Family Law Court, solicitors, support services or parents and care-givers. Both parties of the family unit are to contact the Centre prior to any services that can be provided to a child and their caregivers.

What to expect
Upon contacting Better Together’s Client Intake Team, both parents will be sent a welcome pack.

Both parties are to return the completed Welcome Pack to the Client Intake Team at Better Together.
The Children’s Contact Centre will then call both parties to schedule separate face-to-face appointments.


There will be an initial intake interview for all adults involved.An
orientation and viewing of facilities for children prior to visitation
or changeovers will also be organised.

There will be ongoing reviews and discussion throughout the service to maintain satisfaction of the support provided.


As a Tablelands charity, Better Together has funded the establishment
of the centre. However, there are fees associated with the provision of
professional supervision. Indicative costs are:

  • Intake assessment $150.00
  • Supervised contact (90 minutes) $120.00
  • Changeover $60.00

Clients experiencing financial hardship may contact us to explore
subsidised options. Full fee schedules are provided upon request.

Confidentiality & Privacy

We understand that your privacy is vitally important. Better Together
has appropriate policies and procedures in place regarding privacy and

We will always request your permission prior to any information being shared with other agencies.

Legislatively, we are also required to adhere to governmental
guidelines on mandatory reporting regarding the safety and wellbeing of
all children who access our centre.

Safety & Security

Our main aim is to focus on the child and as such the safety of all who access our Centre is paramount.

With this in mind, we have a comprehensive security system and safety
measures in place with 24/7 monitoring. This is to ensure that all
children and their caregivers can engage in visitations and changeovers
while having the peace of mind their safety is being upheld.

Centre hours: By appointment only

Thursday to Saturday: Supervised visits & changeovers. Transport is available with corresponding cost.

For a referral form for the Children’s Contact Centre, please click here.

The brochure is available for download here.

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