Christmas Hamper Appeal Support

Better Together Community Support would like to thank the individuals and businesses that have donated to their Christmas Hamper project and the Mayor’s Christmas appeal in 2022.

Every year we provide families in need with Christmas Hampers. This year the we distributed 70 hampers, an increase from previous years. Better Together staff say this is part of a larger trend as cost-of-living pressures hit hard for Tableland families.

“Christmas is a time of hope and goodwill, the individuals and businesses that have donated to this important service are commended at using this time of year to give back to their community and we would like to recognise their generous donations” said Kristy Madden our Community Development Officer.

“The Christmas Hampers are an important project as they ensure families can celebrate with a little extra at Christmas, but they are also a gift of hope and faith that their community cares.”

“People are both surprised and grateful when they see what our volunteers have provided for them in the hamper. There is a mixture of handmade items, bought goods and shopping vouchers. It is comforting for people to think that someone has taken the time to consider what they might like, and it also allows them independence to purchase the items that makes Christmas special to their family. In tough times, it is how the community responds that makes all the difference. If the community shows they have heard and understand what people need at Christmas, they feel supported and valued within their community.”

The Better Together’s Community Centre provides Emergency Relief support to individuals and families in the community. Their base support comes in the form of food parcels. The numbers presenting for this support are increasing every day, and with the rising costs of living creating financial pressures on households, these numbers are likely to further increase in the future.

Our coordinators are always looking for donations to cover the gaps in government funding. “We ask the community to think about how they might be able to support others generally in the new year. Times can be tough for people, and it is not only important that we support the people who are struggling, but how we support them. This is what the new brand “Better Together” is about. We as a community are better when we come together and help each other.” says Kristy. “It doesn’t have to be a lot; it can be the gift of handmade goods, excess fresh produce, becoming a weekly or monthly cash sponsor or maybe you would like to give your time and become a volunteer with us. The programs that we run make a real difference to people’s lives and being part of that makes us a stronger community.”

We would like to specifically thank:

  • Tableland Regional Council Mayor’s Christmas Appeal
  • Atherton Community Kindergarten
  • Atherton State Hight School Student Council
  • PCYC Atherton
  • Prices Plus / Overflow
  • The Slotted Spoon Cafe
  • BIG W Christmas Tree Appeal
  • Bunning Warehouse Atherton
  • Aaron Dozier Exercise Physiology
  • Edna the “Super Sewer” from Cairns for her amazing patchwork blankets
  • Irene our valued Volunteer who made homemade reusable bags for every Hamper
  • The Better Together community garden group for their homemade relish
  • Our Emergency Relief Volunteers and Case Managers in particular Jim with his homemade laser cut wooden puzzles

If you are a business or and individual that would like to help us to provide essential relief for the community you can Contact Us, call us on (07) 4091 3850, email or follow our facebook page where they often call out for volunteers and donations when they are needed.

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