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When the going gets tough…

The tough don’t just get going… they seek help.

Better Together can help you if you’re going through emotionally difficult periods.

We can:

    • Provide counselling to families and individuals, including young people and Seniors for a range of issues, including use of alcohol and other drugs.
    • Provide you with a trained counsellor if you are looking to change your use of alcohol and other drugs.
    • Provide specialised family counselling, including child psychology and diagnostics;
    • Provide support and counselling to young people (up to 25 years old) for all issues, including use of alcohol and other drugs.
All of our staff are degree-qualified and registered with appropriate professional bodies.
Better Together is committed to your privacy and confidentiality and have strict processes and guidelines to safeguard your information and identity. This includes video-conference sessions.

Alcohol & Other Drugs

If you would like to gain control or insight over the use of alcohol and other drugs in your life, we have professionally trained and experienced psychologists who can provide education and therapy.

During counselling sessions, your counsellor can assess and evaluate where you are at and equip you with the knowledge to understand your triggers, how to work towards your goals, make the appropriate decisions and manage your emotions. 

We can also help families who are dealing with the impacts of substance use.

You can speak directly to Better Together if you would like to make an appointment or ask a trusted medical professional to refer you to us. This is a free service for anyone of any age, dealing with substance use.


Better Access Medicare Scheme

We can bulk bill psychological services through referrals from GP practices.
Patients can ask their GP for a referral for psychology services. You can ask them to refer you to Better Together.
The GP will then send the referral directly to Better Together and our Client Intake Team will be in touch with you for an appointment time as soon as possible.

Counselling for families, young people and Seniors

We can provide psychological support and therapy to most people in the community for free. This includes families with any children under the age of 18 (who may or may not be living with the parent), young people (under the age of 25), Senior citizens and individuals who have a Medicare referral.

A counsellor or psychologist will work to help improve you and your family’s emotional wellbeing.

You and your family will be able to access:

  • Individual counselling (including children and young people), in-person or electronically (phone counselling, video link);
  • Family/group counselling together, in-person or electronically;
  • Information, advice, education and referrals to other services.

You are welcome to speak directly to Better Together or ask another professional you trust to refer you to Better Together.

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