Glitzy Shoes Project

Cinderella would be proud to slip on the shoes that the Glitzy Shoes Project will be creating.

While they may not be of the ‘glass slipper’ variety, the vibrantly coloured and detailed sneakers would make any would-be Cinderella’s toes tap to a funky beat.

The community project is the brainchild of artist Paulette Girle, whose initial shoes were so eye-catching that she was invited by community services group CST to spearhead the project.

She is inviting creative souls across the Atherton Tablelands to join the project and unleash their creative passions on the blank canvas that new sneakers provide.

She says, “The project is about creating shoes of what each person is passionate about, and reflects the cares and concerns of each individual.

“Many people don’t always have the opportunity to be creative in their own right, so this creates the means to do something joyful and colourful in a friendly, supportive atmosphere with like-minded people.”

Other than artistic expression, the project is also looking to raise funds for CST, an Atherton-based charity that offers a diverse range of community and counselling services throughout the Atherton Tablelands.

Proceeds from shoes that are sold in the project will go to CST, which is sponsoring the project’s raw materials such as paint and shoes.

The group already has members but would like to see more members for an official launch in March.

Paulette was inspired to paint her shoes after she began work on a wall hanging (seen in the picture).

Paulette explains the design process.

“You start by drawing your own lines on, just sketching by free hand.

“Then, you draw on the outlines on with a tube of paint, and colour and outline to however you want to design it.

“Glitter in a tube is the finishing touch on top of the paint.

While paint is provided for, members can either purchase the shoes (Ladies, sizes 7 and 8) from CST or bring their own.

Interested people can contact Paula on 4091 3850 at CST on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The group will launch in March and will work at CST’s Community Hub at 38 Mabel St on Fridays, 9am to noon.

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