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Our values

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Social inclusion
We will treat all people fairly, according to their needs, without prejudice or discrimination and we will work to provide people with the skills, knowledge and tools to enable them to make choices where they can participate fully as equal citizens of their community.

Mutual respect
We will respect the rights and dignity of all people.

We will demonstrate the highest levels of professional integrity; in particular, we will respect and protect people’s confidences and personal information.

We will understand and uphold the law and seek to advocate for justice on behalf of our customers.

Community cohesion
Our goal is to provide skills, knowledge, coping strategies, support and tools so that people in the community feel empowered to make choices to participate fully.

Result-driven teams
We will organise itself in a teams based structure that focuses on achieving results in a dynamic, innovative, courteous and harmonious culture where people feel safe and able to contribute their best.

We will take personal responsibility in working collaboratively to achieve Better Together’s s vision, mission and strategic priorities, and we will take personal responsibility in working together to enhance Better Together’s reputation and standing in the community.


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