This statement is about your rights under the Privacy Act. Better Together respects your privacy and is committed to keeping your records confidential. We comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, as contained in the Privacy Act 1988.  Privacy  statements are available at our receptions.

Why we collect your personal information

We collect personal information only to the extent necessary to provide the service that has been requested.

How we collect your personal information

We may collect personal information from you when you contact us via phone, in person or in writing.

You may also provide us information when you tell us about your circumstances and when you provide us with your personal details.

When we collect personal information from you, it is always by lawful and fair means and will not be unreasonably intrusive.

Different kinds of information requested

Different personal information may be asked depending on the service you are accessing. This may range from contact details to health issues, both physical and mental.

If you decide not to provide your personal information when requested, we may not be able to deliver the service that has been requested. However, we will ensure that this is made to clear to you.

In some cases, if it makes sense and is lawful, you may choose to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym. However, if it makes it difficult to deliver the service, we will make sure you are aware of the issues.

How we use your information

We will only use the personal information you provide for the reason you provided it, or a directly related purpose, or when you have provided consent.

Better Together provides services under contract to government agencies and such agencies may have access to your information under the terms of that contract.

Should information be forwarded to other government agencies, the information will not contain identifiable markers that can be directly attributed
to you.

Otherwise, and unless specified, we will not provide your details to any other third party.

Overseas use and disclosure

We will not send or share personal information to any entity outside of Australia.

Access to your personal information

You have a right to access the personal information we have about you and to correct the information we have.
To do so, you can write to the CEO at the address provided in this brochure. Upon receipt of your request, and subject to applicable privacy laws, Better Together will provide you with supervised access to the personal information about you that we hold.
However, we do ask that you state as clearly as possible, the type(s) of information requested. We will deal with this in a reasonable time frame, usually within 30 days.
 There may be costs incurred by Better Together in supplying the requested information. These are usually reasonable and you will be asked to pay for these charges.

Updating your information

While we do our best to keep records current, it is inevitable that some personal information will become out of date. If you would like us to update or request a correction to your record, please notify us in writing to the CEO.
In very rare circumstances, if we are unable to update the information you have provided, we will provide an explanation as to why it cannot be corrected.

Information security

Your privacy and confidentiality is fundamental to the way we operate. As such, we have appropriate technical, administrative and physical procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorised disclosure, loss, misuse or alteration.
Only officers who have a legitimate business reason to access your records can do so.
Personal information is kept for only as long as it is required by the law or for business purposes.

Our website

While our website is able to detect where you have come from, it cannot reveal your identity. We do not collect any personal or sensitive information.


We are committed to working with you about any complaints or concerns about privacy.
If you would like to do so, please speak to the CEO.
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